Fuel Distribution Division
Distribuidora de Combustibles Tepezcuintle
Distribuidora Central de Diesel de Vallarta
Energéticos de Monclova
Transportation Division
Transportes Especializados Robles
Service Stations Division
Gasolinería Oro de Vallarta
Servicios Gasoro Libramiento
Servicios Gasoro Mezcales
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Pemex Refinement Generic Distributor
Purchase, Sales and Distribution of Fuels.

Sale and Distribution of:

  • Pemex Diesel
  • Industrial Diesel
  • Marine Diesel
  • Combustoil
  • Pemex Premium
  • Pemex Magna


  • Guadalajara Plant                                              
  • Manzanillo Plant
  • Colima Plant                                           
  • Topolobampo Plant

Competitive Benefits

  • Experience: 21 years of experience in fuel handling support our company.

  • Infrastructure: We have a storage capacity of 2’000,000 de liters.

  • Employees: We count with highly trined employees, with up to 20 years of experience in this branch.

  • Geographic Extension: Plants in three different locations: Colima, Guadalajara and Topolobampo.

  • Nationwide Corporate Alliances for Fuel Distribution Support.

  • Co-inverstment with clients for Auto-Supply Development and Installation..
Main Office
Km. 1 Carretera Báse Aérea Militar No. 1000 C.P. 45019 San Juan de Ocotán, Zapopan Jalisco.
Phone. +52 33 3682-0817